From Tennessee To Table – Authentic Southern Cuisine

Country music and country cooking go hand in hand. Hometown heroes and garden-raised goodness. Handed-down recipes and generational guitars. Catchy melodies and second-helping flavor. Through generations of change, both have evolved in surprising and exciting ways while still managing to hold onto an authentic, unshakeable spirit. Our menu brings you the best of the traditional country table with a NYC twist.

So, what does a Nashville-inspired menu look like? It’s all the things you think of right away: barbecue and banana pudding; hot chicken and mac ’n’ cheese; grits, gravy, and gumbo. It also means special chef-driven details that take these meals from the small-town church picnic to the heart of Times Square.

That culinary magic comes straight from the hands and hearts of the Bromberg Brothers. This sought-after chef duo is known for their eclectic style, impeccable quality, and passion for delivering incredible, unfussy culinary experiences at their Blue Ribbon restaurants and beyond. We’ve got grandma’s recipes in the kitchen AND New York’s best chefs running the show. What will you try first?

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