The Best Live! Country Bands This Side of Nashville

The Best Live Country Bands This Side of Nashville: A New Stage with Deep Roots

It’s a fact: music sounds GOOD at Opry City Stage. Sure, we invested heavily in building one of NYC’s best sound systems, but that’s just the tech side. We’ve also got what you can’t engineer – pure, raw, explosive country music talent, every single night.

It’s a bold statement, but we believe country music’s next big act is starting right here. The Grand Ole Opry has been seeking and discovering the next big acts in country music for nearly a century, and we’re not about to stop now. The true heart of country music isn’t a superstar’s honey voice or household name. Even the biggest chart-toppers will tell you that country music’s real energy is in its up-and-comers, its scrappy dreamers, and its hard-working, highly talented rising stars. We’re putting them on stage, seven days a week.

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