Times Square with a Southern Flair

Times Square with Southern Flair: Big City Goes Country

That’s right, we’re the ones who put a big ole country music venue/ restaurant/ bar/ hangout right in the middle of the big city. Why, you ask? More like “why not?”! People come from all over the world to experience the bright lights and one-of-a-kind American energy that only Times Square can deliver, where the city shows off its best sparkle and shimmer and grit. And country music, well, that’s about as American as it gets. It’s about time we showed up to the party.

Opry City Stage is your official ambassador to the famous hospitality, music, and cuisine of the American South. When you’re here, you’re getting a taste of our famous home cooking and quirky, endearing ways. You’re immersing yourself in the toe-tapping melodies that sprung from our nation’s unofficial back-porch singalongs, where talent is self-taught and the city lights never drown out the stars. You’re soaking in the sounds of Sunday morning services and Saturday barn dances in rural America. Country music is all about coming together, sharing stories, passing the biscuits and digging deep into our roots. And we’ve dropped that experience right in the middle of Times Square to let it absorb a little of the hustle and bustle of the greatest city in the world. The result is an experience that’s part down-home and part midtown, and one hundred percent American-made.

Opry City Stage is here to surprise you with a unique blend of cosmopolitan flair and country charm, featuring signature craft cocktails, authentic Southern cuisine, and of course, the best country bands this side of Nashville. Come on in.

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